Heavy Machinery Risks and Injuries at New Jersey Construction Jobs

Working with heavy machinery is a key part of most construction projects. Workers who perform these duties, however, are at a much higher risk of being injured in a heavy machinery accident. Working with a qualified and experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney is often the best way to deal with on-the-job heavy machinery injuries and to ensure that workers receive the compensation to which they are entitled under New Jersey law.

Risks of Operating Heavy Equipment

Construction companies and manufacturing plants pose a higher risk of heavy machinery injuries to workers than most other workplaces, primarily because of the increased use of these types of machinery in these environments. Hydraulic presses, loaders, large trucks, forklifts, bulldozers and cranes are among the most common types of equipment involved in heavy machinery accidents and injuries in the state of New Jersey.

Types of Heavy Equipment Injuries

On-the-job heavy equipment injuries tend to be more severe and to require much longer recovery periods than most other types of workplace injuries. Some of the most common heavy machinery injuries include the following:

    • Crush injuries usually occur as a result of workers being trapped between two objects. The injuries sustained in these accidents can result in the loss of limbs or in death.
    • Amputations can be caused by heavy machinery accidents or may be required to save the life and the health of the patient after a serious heavy machinery injury.
    • Broken bones can occur because of falls from cranes or impacts with heavy equipment on the worksite.
    • Traumatic brain injuries include concussions and other injuries that can affect the function of the brain and can result in disability or death.
    • Exposure to electrical current is another leading cause of accidents related to the use of heavy equipment.

Employers in the state of New Jersey are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace for their employees. If you have suffered a heavy equipment injury, working with a qualified New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer is the best way to ensure that you receive the workers’ compensation you need to manage medical bills, lost wages and other issues caused by your on-the-job heavy equipment injuries.

What Causes Heavy Equipment Injuries?

Some of the most commonly reported causes for heavy equipment injuries include being caught or pinned between machinery and other objects, being struck by a vehicle as it moves forward or backs up and falls that occur when getting onto or off of heavy machinery. The type of injury sustained by the worker will depend on the exact circumstances of their accident.

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