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Outside General Counsel Services

Outsourced In-House Counsel licensed in New Jersey and New York

We offer comprehensive outside general counsel services in New York and New Jersey. Our partner Andre F. Hewitt, Esq. leads this team, providing day-to-day general counsel advisory services in a scalable way. These new options will allow us to partner with our clients to provide even greater assistance with their legal matters.  We have been responsible for saving companies over $30,000,000.00+ and litigated in every vicinage (court) in NJ.

General Counsel Services Near Me: What Is Outside General Counsel?

General counsel services are used to navigate legal challenges and to provide day-to-day legal advice for start-ups, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses that do not have an in-house legal department. Larger companies can also benefit from a general counsel arrangement to supplement the services of their own legal teams. Our partners can provide the support needed for larger cases and can take on most legal matters on behalf of your business and its interests.   In cases where a tech start-up company requires a patent or IP lawyer, we will work with your leadership team to identify and retain the right resources and fee structure for the legal services provided.  If your company requires tax advisory services, our reach with tax attorneys and CPAs can assist with developing a cohesive legal strategy to resolve the matter.

The Value of Retaining Outside General Counsel

Working with an outside attorney or law firm to resolve your legal matters can provide you and your company with a fresh perspective and added help in managing issues that arise during your regular operations. By enlisting the help of an on-call attorney with the knowledge and experience you need, your company can leave the legal matters to this professional and focus on your core business activities.

Attorneys Andre F. Hewitt and Robert Di Lauri can provide you with the following types of services as part of your general counsel arrangement:

• Creating and reviewing contracts and litigating contract disputes
• Dealing with all aspects of civil litigation
• Managing employment-related legal matters as part of our employment law practice.

We will work with you to provide the most practical legal options for your company and your needs. Our depth of knowledge of the legal system will allow you to proceed with confidence in dealing with litigation related to your property or your company.

The Experience You Need to Succeed

Our team has a proven track record for success in all types of civil litigation. We represent companies and property owners to protect their interests and assets in and out of the courtroom setting.  We deliver assertive representation that can supplement your legal department or can serve as your outsourced in-house counsel. Whether you are a start-up company still building your team or an established corporation with your own legal department, we can provide general counsel services designed with your needs in mind. Our mutually beneficial fee structure will help you stay within budget while managing your legal needs.

Give us a call today at (973) 343-5736 to schedule an initial consultation with our team. We are here to provide you with the legal services and representation your company needs to resolve issues in a positive way.