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Stage 1 Bedsores: Holding NJ Nursing Homes Accountable for Neglect

Bedsores are a serious problem that can have a significant effect on the physical and emotional health of those who suffer from them. If a friend or loved one has developed bedsores in the nursing home environment, seeking the help of a New Jersey bedsore lawyer is a good first step toward addressing these issues and ensuring the best outcomes for yourself, your family and your loved one.

Bedsores Progress in Stages

Bedsores are most common among older adults who have limited mobility. These injuries are also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores because they develop when pressure is applied to a specific part of the body for a prolonged period of time. As a result, patients who are confined to wheelchairs and those who must stay in bed for long periods of time are at much higher risk of developing bedsores.

Bedsores progress from Stage 1 through Stage 4. Stage 1 bedsores are the most common form of these injuries and are relatively mild compared to the later stages of bedsore development. If spotted early in their development, Stage 1 bedsores can be treated to manage the damage done to tissues. Bedsores at the later stages, however, can be very difficult to treat effectively.

Symptoms of Stage 1 Bedsores

Discoloration of the skin and pain are among the most common symptoms caused by Stage 1 bedsores. The area of the bedsore injury may also be hotter or colder than the surrounding skin and may feel harder or softer than tissues surrounding it. One way to determine if the affected spot is a bedsore is to apply gentle pressure to the discolored area. If the spot turns white briefly and then returns to its normal color, it is unlikely that a bedsore is present. If it does not turn white, however, a bedsore may be forming in the area. This spot test may not work for some people of color, however.

Most bedsores develop in places that have little padding between skin and bone. These include the elbows, knees, hips, tail bone, shoulders and lower back. Checking these areas carefully is part of the responsibility that nursing home staff members have to the residents in their care. If bedsores are detected, prompt treatment is required to stop the progress of these injuries.

What to Do if You Suspect Bedsores

Left untreated, Stage 1 bedsores can quickly develop into more serious forms of this condition. If you suspect that your family member or loved one is suffering from bedsores, it is essential to contact an attorney who specializes in these types of cases as quickly as possible. Your New Jersey nursing home lawyer will help you to collect evidence, to seek a second medical opinion and to hold nursing facility staff members and administrators responsible for failing to care for your family member properly.

How Your Attorney Can Help

Your New Jersey bedsore lawyer can provide you with legal counsel and guidance to help you protect the rights of your loved one in the nursing home environment. This can ensure that you proceed in the correct way to collect evidence of the neglect of nursing home staff and to protect your loved one from further injuries caused by the negligence of these care facilities. By working with a New Jersey nursing home attorney, you can ensure that you and your loved one receive the help you need to navigate this difficult time and to prevent further injuries. If you decide to pursue a claim against the nursing facility and its staff, your lawyer will represent the interests of your loved one both in and out of the courtroom setting.

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