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At the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group, we want you to understand how we collect, retain and use the information you provide to us through our website. We collect only the information that users who access our website choose to provide to us, which may include the name, email address or phone number of the user. The Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group does not disseminate or distribute any personally identifiable information to parties outside our law firm unless we are legally obligated to do so or unless you request it specifically. If the organization of our legal firm changes, we may transfer your personally identifiable information to the newly reorganized entity to provide continuity of service for you.

The Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group also collects a variety of non-personally identifiable information about those who use our website through the use of cookies. These cookies are designed to store information about domain names, dates and what pages have been visited by users, which allows us to track the number of users of our website and to determine the ways in which these users access our website. In some cases, internet protocol (IP) addresses and tracking methods may be used to identify users. We do so to enforce our website’s Terms of Use and to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access to information contained on our website. We may also track users when required to do so by court order or in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Resumes and other information submitted to us in the course of applying for employment with the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group will be reviewed by personnel inside our organization. We do not distribute this information to parties outside our law firm.

While we take every reasonable precaution to protect the privacy and security of personal information you submit through our website, the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group cannot guarantee that this information will not be intercepted in transit or otherwise accessed by outside parties. We do not guarantee that any information you submit to third-party websites linked from our website will be kept private and secure. If you wish to remove any or all of the personally identifiable information you have submitted to the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group at any time, please contact us directly by email to request the changes you wish to make.

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