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Stage 2 Bedsores: What to Look for and What to Do For New Jersey Families

Bedsores can cause severe pain and can result in serious injuries to older adults in residential nursing care facilities. If you have a family member who resides in one of these nursing homes, it is important to keep a close eye on their physical condition each time you visit. Bedsores can easily be treated at the onset of these injuries. As a bedsore progresses through the four stages of development, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to resolve these conditions without extreme measures. If you see any of the warning signs of bedsores, it is essential to contact a New Jersey nursing home lawyer as soon as possible to begin holding nursing home personnel responsible for their lack of care for and attention to your loved one.

How Bedsores Form

As people age, the padding that normally cushions skin and tissue from bone can become thinner. If pressure is allowed to remain on these areas, which include elbows, knees, ankles, shoulder blades and the tail bone, bedsores can form due to the pressure placed by the patient’s own weight. Nursing home staff are required to help patients with limited mobility to move and change position regularly. This is often the best way to prevent bedsores from forming in the first place.

Risk Factors for Bedsores

Patients who are malnourished or do not receive proper hydration are at increased risk of developing bedsores, as are those with limited mobility. Special attention must be paid to the condition of the skin for older adults who are confined to their beds or who use a wheelchair for added mobility. Continued pressure on specific areas of the body can create an environment in which bedsores can easily form.

Types of Bedsores

Bedsores are classified according to their stage of development. For instance, Stage 4 bedsores are by far the most serious and the least likely to heal quickly. Stage 1 bedsores, by contrast, can often be healed within a matter of days by relieving pressure from the specific area that has been affected by these injuries.

Stage 2 bedsores can often be treated by relieving pressure on the spot where the bedsore formed. These bedsores are typically much more painful than their Stage 1 counterparts and can be more difficult to heal completely in the nursing home environment.

Symptoms of Type 2 Bedsores

While discoloration and temperature changes in the skin are usually the first warning signs of Stage 1 bedsores, Stage 2 bedsores can be spotted much more easily. Pus or fluid draining from a blister, irritation of the skin or an intact blister can all be signs of Stage 2 bedsores. If your family member or friend complains of pain or of a sore that will not heal, it is important to document the progress of these conditions and to seek the help of a qualified and knowledgeable New Jersey bedsore lawyer to ensure accountability on the part of those responsible for your loved one’s care.

The Value of a New Jersey Nursing Home Attorney

Working with a New Jersey bedsore lawyer can help you to hold nursing home administrators and staff members accountable for failing to care for residents in the proper way. Bedsores are a serious issue that can affect the quality of life and the health of your loved ones. By retaining the services of a New Jersey nursing home lawyer, you can access the help you need to document your family member’s condition and to seek financial compensation for their injuries. This can often provide you and your family with added peace of mind while ensuring that these facilities act more effectively on behalf of their patients.

How the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group Can Help

The Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group can provide the assistance families need to obtain compensation for bedsores and other injuries sustained in the nursing home environment. We work with you to provide real assistance in collecting evidence and building a case against negligent nursing home staff members and managers. This can ensure that these facilities are held responsible for their lack of care.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, call the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group today at 973-354-5783 to schedule an initial consultation with our team. We are here to provide you with the right legal representation and the best options for handling cases of bedsores and nursing home neglect and abuse in the state of New Jersey.

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