Finding the right litigation attorney can be a challenging task. With so many options to choose from, you may not be certain what to look for in the legal marketplace. Some characteristics are more important than others when selecting legal representation for yourself or for your company. Here are seven of the most important traits to look for when choosing an attorney for your civil litigation needs.

1. Experience

Making sure your litigation attorney has the right experience in the legal field can be critical to their ability to represent you effectively in and out of court. Attorneys with the right kinds of experience in litigating cases can provide you with professional help in crafting a case and seeing it through from start to finish both in the courtroom and in out-of-court settlement negotiations. Choosing a litigator with proven courtroom experience can help you to feel more confident during these legal proceedings. By taking experience into account when selecting your attorney, you can often enjoy the benefits of proven experience when dealing with your case.

2. Ability to Communicate

Establishing clear lines of communication with your attorney is also essential to achieve the best possible results. Your lawyer should be able to break down the legal issues involved in your case in a way that you can understand. This can allow you to take a more active role in your own legal matters and can ensure that your case is handled in the most appropriate way for your needs. By choosing an attorney with whom you can communicate freely and easily, you can streamline the legal representation process to a surprisingly large degree.

3. Availability

Your attorney should be available to you on a reasonable schedule. Some legal firms overbook their team to an extreme degree, making it much more difficult for you to get in touch with your litigation attorney in a timely way. While most attorneys occasionally have busy periods at their offices, you may wish to look elsewhere for representation for your civil litigation cases if you consistently have trouble getting through to your attorney or in receiving return phone calls. This may be a sign of a law firm that is more interested in collecting fees and settling cases than in serving their clients in a personalized manner.

4. Chemistry

For most people, there are specific traits and combinations of characteristics that add up to good chemistry with someone else. You will rely on your attorney for legal guidance and representation in all your civil litigation. Making sure you feel comfortable with this individual and that you can discuss your issues frankly can help you to deal with legal entanglements more easily and can ensure that your case is handled in accordance with your preferences. The right chemistry can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your legal representation and the rapport you build with your attorney immediately and over time.

5. Credible References

Checking on the references provided by the attorneys you are considering can be a time-consuming task. This process, however, can often provide you with added information and insights into the way in which your own case will be handled by the firm or attorney. By taking the time to contact the references provided to you, you can determine whether a particular attorney is a good fit for your needs.

6. Resources

The right resources can make a significant difference in the outcome of your legal case. Authorities in law, medicine and other areas can turn the tide of opinion in many court cases. Making sure your attorney has access to these resources and knows how to employ them to best effect on behalf of clients can help you to achieve the best possible outcomes for the cases you entrust to your litigation lawyer.

7. Creativity

Your attorney should also be able to find creative solutions to sticky legal situations. By selecting a lawyer with a track record for success and a knack for figuring out the right precedents and strategies for your civil litigation cases, you can enjoy the best possible representation for your case and the greatest chance of success in achieving your legal goals. This can allow you to proceed with greater confidence when pursuing a resolution for your civil litigation matters.

Finding the right attorney for your civil litigation cases can help you to achieve the most positive outcomes for these legal matters. Considering these seven traits can ensure that you find the right legal professional to manage your litigation and to represent your interests both in and out of court. The choice of an attorney is not to be taken lightly. By investing a little time and effort in the search for the right lawyer, you can enjoy the benefits of outstanding legal representation now and well into the future. If you are looking for an attorney with all of these traits, give us a call today at 973-354-5783 for a consultation.

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