Bed sores are an obvious sign of nursing home negligence. Also known as pressure ulcers, bed sores occur when patients are left in one position for too long. If your family member or loved one has developed bed sores, calling a law firm that handles nursing home negligence cases is a solid step in the right direction. Your lawyer can help you to hold nursing homes accountable for their actions or lack of action. This can help you to protect the well-being of your parents or other family members who are residing in these nursing facilities.

What are Bed Sores?

Bed sores occur when a patient is left in bed or in a wheelchair for a prolonged period of time. Patients with mobility issues are most prone to these problems, which worsen as the amount of time in the same position increases. Bed sores can progress to create serious pain and damage to tissue if not addressed immediately. Federal regulations require nursing homes to adjust the position of patients at least once every two hours to prevent bed sores. In most cases, bed sores are preventable and are a sign of neglect on the part of nursing home staff members.

Who is at Risk for Bed Sores?

Certain patients are at much higher risk of bed sores and must receive special attention from nursing facility staff. These patient groups include the following populations:

    • Elderly patients
    • Patients who are incontinent and require help with toileting
    • Patients with nerve disorders
    • Individuals suffering from malnutrition or certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies
    • Patients who smoke tobacco products
    • Diabetic patients

These conditions can make it more difficult for patients to move easily. Additionally, they may reduce the pain associated with bed sores in the initial stages, which may reduce the chance of catching these issues early and treating them effectively.

What to Do If You Notice Bed Sores

Any evidence of bed sores should be documented by a physician and should be reported to the administration of the nursing home as soon as possible. Additionally, you should contact a lawyer who can hold nursing homes accountable for their failure to care for your loved one appropriately. Negligence in the nursing home environment can often lead to serious injuries or death of patients in these communities. Your attorney can work with you to make sure that the nursing homes are living up to their obligations to your loved one or family member.

The Value of a Good Attorney

In some cases, simply retaining a lawyer can make a big difference in the level of care your loved one receives in the nursing home environment. By seeking legal help, you can not only improve the situation of your family member but can potentially affect the lives of all other residents in the nursing home in a positive way. Civil action and financial repercussions are among the best ways to hold nursing homes accountable for their failure to care for patients properly.

How Your Nursing Home Negligence Attorney Can Help

Your attorney will typically look into previous reports of nursing home negligence in your loved one’s community to determine whether other patients have been treated for bed sores or have reported potential abuse. In most cases, your lawyer will file a civil suit against the nursing facility seeking damages for the injuries sustained by your loved one. This can allow you to seek fair compensation for your family member and to hold nursing home staff members and administrators accountable for their failures.

Contact the Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group

If your loved one is in a nursing facility and has had bed sores or other signs of neglect or abuse, it is essential that you get help immediately. The Di Lauri & Hewitt Law Group can provide you with practical assistance and legal support for holding nursing homes accountable for their neglect. We will work with you to collect evidence and documentation and to help your loved one receive fair compensation for injuries sustained because of the negligence of caregivers. Call our offices today at 973-354-5783 to schedule a consultation with attorneys Robert Di Lauri or Andre F. Hewitt. We are here for you.

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